"Beatle Bass"

An Epiphone by Gibson copy of a Hofner.

One of my personal basses, played around six times.

Hot-Rodded to Professional Standards by Luthier Bill Stultz.

Includes Original Epiphone Plywood Hardshell Case

Only $500

Beatle Bass

"Swamp Bass"

New USA Handmade Bass Guitar!

Light Resonant Swamp Ash Body in Black

34" Scale - 24 Frets - Rosewood & Maple Neck

Includes Professional Hardshell Molded Case

Only $500!

Swamp Bass

Pre-1990 East German "Knilling" 3/4 Bass

This is a one-owner, totally set-up by expert Luthier Bill Stultz!

All-Original + New Adjustable Bridge & Strings.

Only $750!

Knilling Bass

1970 "Framus" German Jazz Archtop Guitar

I am only the second owner (since 1980)! All-original (added USA pickup).

Old-fashioned Gibson-type quality, yet low priced like their Epiphone!

Includes Professional Plywood Hardshell Case!

Only $1,250!

Framus Jazz

1964 "Premier" British "Ringo" Drumset

I am only the second owner (since 1984)! Ringo played Premier before Ludwig!

All original drums with recent vintage hardware, Zildjian cymbals, and gig bags.

Only $2,500!

Premier Ringo